Maybe what I can do is not so much but I will always be with you 。 I can't do much, but I'm always there when you need it. Actually,I have been so long starding behind you , lacking of your turning round 。 In fact, I've been behind you all the time, and I'm almost looking back. Happiness is that someone is being dull with you 。 But what'sprecious is that both of you don't feel so 。 Happiness is a person with you boring, rare is you both do not feel bored. Always raining when I think about you 。 I think of the scene with you walking in the rain , not earse something , something sweet , forget your smile 。 Always think of you when it's raining, think of walking in the rain with you, what can't erase is that sweet, what can't forget is your smile. The sweet thing is loving you everyday and to be loved by you as well 。 The sweetest thing in the world is to be loved by you every day. Loving someone who doesn't love you is like waiting for a ship at the airport 。 To love someone you don't love is like waiting for a boat at the airport. They say absense makes the heart grow fonder 。 But I likeit between when you're here 。 They say distance makes beauty, but I prefer you around me. When I'm with you , hours feel like second 。 When we're apart days feel like years。 When I'm with you, time flies by. When we were apart, it was like years.